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Sea Otter Furs are the most sought after furs. at a million hairs per square inch makes them the most densest and desirable furs on the planet. Alaska is unique. Sea otters have a huge impact on commercial shellfish fisheries, the shellfish fisheries have been declining due to sea otters. 

Sea Otters have been an endangered species, but have rebounded substantially.

Alaskan Natives are the only ones that are allowed to hunt and alter their highly prized furs. We natives have many regulations to follow in order for us to sell these beautiful furs to you.

Every purchase both supports the Natives and the Commercial Shellfish Fisheries, keeping a balance. We are able to bring these furs to you, through fur apparel-Real fur Blankets King, Queen, Lap Blankets, Trapper Hats, Woman's Hats, Headbands and Scarfs...With every stitch, we know you will enjoy these furs for many years. 

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Hunting and Handicraft Regulations

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Alaska sea otter hunting and handicraft regulations. 

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